June 26: Global Digital Future in Focus 2018 Canada Edition Webinar

June 26th from 2pm-3pm

Join comScore Canada VP of Sales, Bryan Segal as he discusses ‘The Global Digital Future in Focus 2018 Canada Edition’ that provides a snapshot of desktop, smartphone and tablet usage around the globe, examining how audiences and content consumption changed over the course of 2017.

Key topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Mobile (and apps’) share of overall digital time and audiences in Canada and international markets, including how ‘mobile only’ usage has evolved
  • Seasonality in Canadian digital consumption
  • The platform choices and demographic balances of individual content categories in Canada, including an update on where ‘mobile first’ behaviors are most pronounced
  • Where consolidation of digital is occurring, and why that is not necessarily cause for alarm for the mid and long-tail
  • The international app landscape, and where growth is occurring in Canada
  • A spotlight on multi-platform video consumption

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