Google Assistant Now Capable of “Continued Conversation”

Sick of saying ‘hey google’ every time you speak to your Google Assistant? So is the rest of the world. Well, that’s about to change. Google has launched the ‘continued conversation’ feature, which allows you to have a ‘back-and-forth’ conversation with your Google Assistant without repeating ‘hey google’.

While the convenience factor will be what people notice first, this new feature is of critical importance to the evolution of in-home voice. This is because more natural flow of conversation is needed for more comprehensive use cases to be developed.

For example, consider the use of in-home voice as an AI financial advisor. An initial exploratory conversation with a financial advisor typically involves a wide array of questions and answers. Even the most transactional of interactions with a financial advisor is worthy of several exploratory questions (e.g. to determine suitability or to better understand product features). Can you imagine how cumbersome these conversations would be if each time you started a sentence you had to say ‘hey google’.

Here’s a demo of Google’s new ‘continued conversation’ feature:

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